Hello Neighbor 2: Deluxe Edition for PlayStation 5

Immerse Yourself in a Thrilling and Interactive Gaming Experience with Hello Neighbor 2: Deluxe Edition for PlayStation 5

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4.87 out of 5 stars

99 reviews

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Experience the spine-chilling thrills once again with Hello Neighbor 2: Deluxe Edition for PlayStation 5. This enhanced edition features new gameplay mechanics, improved graphics and exclusive content, making it the ultimate version of the game for any horror-enthusiast.

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  • Explore the uncharted area of Raven Brooks to uncover a secret that will change everything
  • Master the art of stealth as you sneak around and try not to get caught by the AIs
  • Solve puzzles and decipher clues to uncover the truth behind your neighbors’ strange behavior
  • Experience the thrill of discovering new secrets and uncovering mysteries as you explore the town
  • Upgrade your gaming experience with the deluxe edition – packed with exclusive content and features
  • Challenge your friends to see who can solve the mystery first in multiplayer mode
  • Immerse yourself in this thrilling and engaging world, filled with unexpected twists and turns
  • Play with stunning graphics and lifelike animations that bring the town and its residents to life
  • Experience the thrill of the chase as you lead the residents of Raven Brooks on a wild goose chase
  • Can you crack the toughest puzzles and outsmart your neighbors to uncover the truth?

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